Innovation Tech Showcase

Friday, December 9, 2016 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM

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Network, Learn and Celebrate Local Innovation.

Do you love technology? Do you want to marvel at Austin’s latest innovative companies and discover new local technology? Join Galvanize and The TechMap as we host our first InnoTech Showcase! Come see, touch, and experience local technology that is changing the future, creating new opportunity and innovating in their industries.

This event is a networking event and company showcase for anyone interested in Austin technology. Come, bring a friend, bring your business cards, cameras and open minds.



Showcase Companies

Think and Zoom

Think and Zoom is on a mission to provide affordable and innovative tech solutions to assist the visually impaired at school and work. They are accomplishing this mission with a hands free visual magnification device powered by the human mind. CEO, Zuby Onwuta, hopes this technology will reduce the 70% unemployment rate affecting the visually impaired, and provide a future in which visual impairment no longer steals drams or ends careers.


Austin VR Lab

Austin VR Lab is a collective of Virtual and Augmented Reality creators, developers and operators. They focus on creating and developing VR and AR content while bringing people the latest devices to experience Virtual Worlds. They develop both Public and Private VR/AR content for a variety of needs that include but are not limited to Commissioned Art, Commercial Advertising, Training Simulations and mobile Virtual Reality arcades.



Created by Galvanize student, Paul Yim, with the help of his data science instructors, the Galvaneye is a self-driving RC car using OpenCV and Keras. Come watch it drive laps!


Chocolate Milk & Donuts

Chocolate Milk & Donuts creative agency focused solely on 360˚ video production, interactive photography and virtual reality experiences. We partner with agencies, brands, companies and the like to help them produce truly immersive experiences that captivate audiences with amazing interactive media. From concept to distribution, we can help you engage with clients, users and followers like never before possible. 


Yip Yap

Yip Yap is an Austin based startup solving a problem that parents around the globe experience each day at an increasing rate – the reluctant yet repeated handing of their smartphone to their young kids.

Yip Yap is changing the way kids (and their parents) do wireless! They created a complete solution that combines age-appropriate hardware for kids with easy-to-use parent controls in the form of a smartphone app. Parents can use Yip Yap to manage and curate connections to content and contacts directly from their own phone.

Yip Yap’s first product, Pipsqueak is a Bluetooth and WiFi enabled phone which launched in 2016 and has been well received by hundreds of users. The Yip Yap team is hard at work building out an ecosystem of features and functions that will continue to delight kids, their parents and their loved ones. Find out more about Yip Yap and Pipsqueak at playtime is calling…


Pretty Smart Homes

Company summary coming soon...



6:00 pm - Introduction & Welcome

6:15 pm - Company Intros

6:30 pm - Network & Social


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