Data Analysis Mini-Hackathon: teams, prizes, data

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 from 7:00PM to 10:00PM

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Data Analysis Mini-Hackathon Dataset

Teams, prizes… data. This 3-hour mini-hackathon will give you a chance to deep dive into a public dataset and work with a team to answer a series of questions that will be published on after the event.


The Dataset is a collection of product postings on which visitors can comment and upvote. Companies (or small teams, or even individuals) can post their products on ProductHunt in an effort to disseminate it to ProductHunt’s large audience.

This mini-hackathon will tackle a dataset of ProductHunt postings in an effort to discover which types of products tend to perform well, and possibly discover why!

Can you unlock the secret to success on ProductHunt? Let’s see how far we can get during this mini-hackathon.


The Prizes

  1. Best question: Given to the team who attempts to tackle the most interesting question.
  2. Best answer: Given to the team who successfully answers their question in the most convincing way.
  3. Best visualization: Given to the team with the most compelling and informative visualization.



7:00pm – Arrive & Icebreakers (30 minutes)

7:30pm – Intro to the Dataset (10 minutes)

7:40pm – Evaluation Criteria (5 minutes)

7:45pm – Question & Team Forming (15 minutes)

8:00 pm – Hack Away (1.5 hours)

9:30pm – Present Findings (5 minutes per team, timed!)

9:45pm – Announce Winner & Distribute Prizes! (10 minutes)


Pre-requisites (what you should know to get the most value):

Anyone who can program in (most) any language. Experts are very welcome too. Anyone who wants to learn more data science techniques or practice their techniques.

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Type: Hackathon

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